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Eyebrows on Fleek

Recently I've found it imparitve to make sure my eyebrows look good. Even if I'm not wearing a full face of makeup, I make sure I do a little something to my eyebrows. These two videos basically some up my routine.

This first video I use to shape my brows about once a week. I used to get them waxed, but money doesn't grow on trees. When I shape my brows I use tweezers and mastache scissors (they were cheaper and they get the job done just as well!).

This next video sums up my brow makeup routine. My sister-in-law taught me, but I use this video to refresh my memory every now and then. The products I just are an Eyebrow Pecil (Rimmel London 001 Dark Brown), Eyebrow powder (NYX ECP02 Dark Brown/Brown), Concealer (NYX CW08 Nutmeg), and Eyebrow gel (Rimmel London Brow This Way).

The fun thing about doing your eyebrows, and makeup in general, is there are so many ways to play with it! If you know of any other brow tutorials feel free to share them!


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