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Back to Class with Style

The summer is swiftly coming to an end and soon the first week of classes will be here. I've decided this year Iwhether I look professional or chill I want to always looking fashionable and put together. (Come finals week that might change, but as of now that's how I feel.)

I'm so hype about the new clothes I got and how I plan to mix them with each other that I got a jump start on putting them together on Polyvore. Not all of these are exactly how my outfits will look, but they're pretty close!

This is my first day of class outfit. I feel like it's cute and approachable, but I also look like I'm about my business.

This one is very Boho Chic. I've been into that this summer so I'm feeling like carrying it over into the year.

This one is a little more professional than the other two. This year I'm Vice President of the Howard University Film Organization. I figured for the first meeting I'd look a little fancy, but still fun. (I'm in love with these littler camera earrings I just got.)

This would bring us to Thursday, which is the last day of my week because I don't have classes on Fridays. For that reason, I decided to keep it casual.

On Friday if I chose to leave my dorm it'll prabably be just to hang out, go to get food, or run some errands. Once again, casual is the way to go.

These are just a few back to school outfit ideas. I can't wait to see what everyone around campus is wearing and trying differently!

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