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Demi Lovato's Path to Fame Game

Here's another post of my appreciating celebrity games that help me pass time. I just started playing Demi Lovato's game called Path to Fame and I'm hooked! I love Demi so I decided to give the game a shot even though I know it will consume more of my life. Here's the first selfie me and my girl Demi took.

This game comes from a different compant than Kim Kardashian's game and Nicki Minaj's future game. I was hesitant to try it because of that. It's different but I like the difference! I feel like this game gives you a slight chance to infuse your real life more. For example, I got to name and create my best friend which I modeled after my best friend in real life. Another thing I like is they play Demi's songs through the came, with and without words. I think it's a sumer cute touch! One thing I don't really care for is there are less outfit selections and things of that nature. Other than that I'm having a lot of fun playing this game! I'll be rocking the stage (virtually) with Demi in no time!



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