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I saw this the other day and I really felt it. I consistently find myself in the struggle of trying to figure out exactly what an adult is. Before I turned 20 I was pretty okay with this. At the ages of 18 and 19 I knew I was legally and adult but I still had "teen" in my age. I could still claim being a teenager as an excuse for not really understanding adult things. Here I am now at the age of 20. People often look back on their 20s as the best time of their lives. The pressure is on to make the next 10 years count. It's sometimes scary and disheartening.

When I saw this, though, I was comforted and eased. If a good amount of people between the ages of 18-25 are also in this struggle of understanding adulthood, I don't feel so alone. I just wanted to make this post to let everyone in their early 20s know, none of us really have this figured out. None of us are entirely certain of what we're doing. And that's okay! We'll figure it out eventually. Maybe by our late 20s we'll have it together. Maybe not. I feel like we all just need to go through life doing the best we can and remember no one really has it all figured out.

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