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Demi Lovato is CONFIDENT

Demi Lovato's album Confident just came out and I really like it! I was skeptical at first because I wasn't a huge fan of Cool for the Summer, but after listening to the whole album I think this could be her most successful album to date.

This album is a little different from what we've heard from Demi before. The style is of music is very eclectic between pop, electronic, and sometimes even a little R & B. The content is also something new for Demi. She's using some suggestive terms she's been more coy about in the past and using more colorful language than before. At first it threw me off a little and I had to adjust, but once I got over it I really enjoyed the album! There are certain songs I don't love as much as others, but that's common with any album.

The best thing about this album is the title really speaks for it. Every song is about being confident, powerful, and loving yourself as well as the person you're in love with. Overall I think the album sends a great empowering message to the listeners. Got check it out for yourself!

Tracks Lisa Loves: Confident, Old Ways, Stone Cold, Waitin for You, Yes, Father, Mr. Hughes

(Also, Demi is SLAYING on the album cover)



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