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Drake's Hotline Blinging in New Video

The Hotline Bling music video was just released on Apple Music and I'm in love with it. To be completely honest, the opening and closing scenes don't fully make sense to me, but everything in between that I love. There's a hypnotizing, color changing aspect to it that has be wanting to watch it over and over.

The video features Drake just being Drake and dancing to his song. There are a few dancers featured but for the most part it's Drake jamming out. I'm personally a huge fan of Drake's dancing. He's not Usher or anything, he just dances and has a good time. I love it! That's how I dance and enjoy music, so I feel like me and Drake are united on that front.

Click here to check out the video!

I'm also a huge fan of Drake GIFs so here's a few from the video for everyone to cherish:

There are plenty more where that came from, but I'll let you all explore more yourselves.



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