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"What's Love Got?" Premiere Event!

Find Relisa Productions held its first ever premiere event on January 28, 2016! The event's goal was to capture everything the web series, What's Love Got?, embodies!

The night started with the sounds of the 90s being played paired with a slideshow of behind the scenes shots the cast and crew shared. While that went on there was a make your own popcorn station with all kinds of candy and a photo booth for attendees to have fun with props!

The evening moved on to a panel discussion lead by Founder & CEO of Find Relisa Productions, Lisa K Satchell, and the head of PR, Devyn Rorie. The ladies served as moderators as the panelists and attendees discussed hot button issues about love and how it's evolved since the 90s. Everything was covered between "What was the 90s version of Netflix and chill?" to "When's the right time to have sex in a relationship?". The panel consisted of Nathan Tyrese, John Chuckwudelunzu , Admiria Essence, and Alyana Sabb who are all actors in the web series, What's Love Got?. While the panelists kept the discussion interesting, the attendees also had their fair share of ideas and opinions to share, which only made the conversation more valuable.

The night ended with the viewing of the first episode of What's Love Got?. Attendees laughed and enjoyed the episode and once it came to an end, they applauded. Trying to hold back tears, the creator and director Lisa K Satchell closed out the evening.

The event was something truly a fun experience. We can't wait for the next one! Here are some pictures from the event in case you missed it!

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