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The Recipe to Black Excellence

This Wednesday night me and my friends got the amazing opportunity to attend an event sponsored by Pepsi called The Recipe. It was a panel in celebration of Black History Month and the history currently being made by some incredible examples of Black Excellence! As students at an HBCU, it was only right that we attend and soak up some knowledge and tips for success.

The event was hosted by the fierce and fabulous Angela Simmons and the charming, multi-talented Mack Wilds. The panelist included Pierre Garçon, Lori Hall, Stephanie Young, and Reggie Love. (Click on their names to see their Twitters and what they do!)

As the event progressed there were tips and notes of encouragement on challenging yourself and believing in your greatness. I got the chance to ask a question about the pressure of success and moving on to create more. Mack Wilds answered saying, "Don't chase your past success... You will be like a dog chasing his tail... All you can take from success is experience into your next project." That was one of the few gems dropped that spoke to the ambitious audience members.

At the end of the event, attendees got a chance network with each other as well as some of the panelist. I personally ran out of business cards which always means it was a successful event to me. It was a great time and I'm so happy I got the chance to go and spend some time with some of my favorite Howard Girls while learning and growing from some inspirational people! Check out some pictures below!

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