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Jacquees & Bryson Tiller

This week I have not been able to stop listening to Jacquees and Bryson Tiller! My favorite thing about both of these artists is that they both have such smooth singing voices. Their music is soothing and great to listen to while studying or doing homework. Another thing I really like is that they both do a little rapping. I love that artists now feel like they can both sing and rap. When both are done well, it makes for a great song!

I came across Jacquees when I told my friend Amanda I was looking for some music to listen to. She played me a few songs and I was hooked. All of his songs are smooth and easy to listen to. They all just flow together really nicely.

When it comes to Bryson Tiller I know I'm late getting to his music. Every time I would hear one of his songs playing somewhere I'd ask my friend Devyn who the song was by. It got to the point that I was asking so much that I should have known already. I finally listened to his album and I really liked it!

Check a few of my favorite tracks from Jacquees & Bryson Tiller:

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