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Are You The One?

I’ve recently gotten really into Are You The One? on MTV. This show has gotten me so personally invested, it’s crazy.

This show is basically what would happen if Big Brother, The Bachelor, and Married at First Sight had a young attractive baby. 10 pretty girls and 10 attractive guys who have been having trouble finding love are all put in one house to find their perfect match. Through a series of challenges, household drama, and dealing with personal issues the people in the house strive for what we all want, love… and also some money. If by the end of their time in the house they all find their perfect match, they’ll win 1 million dollars. I know it sounds like a lot is going on, but that’s because it is! Somehow when you’re watching you still understand and you still have energy to get emotionally invested.

There’s been four episodes this season so far and I’ve already picked my favorite couple, my favorite people, and people I don’t really like. The couple I’m rooting for is Gio and Kaylen. (Though Gio’s been ruining it lately but I think it’s just because he’s afraid of falling in love. I hope my girl Kaylen either talks some sense into him or lets him go for someone ready to love her.) My favorite people in the house are Prosper and Camille. (Not only is Prosper attractive and funny, but he seems the most realistic and down to earth person in the house. The same goes for Camille and I feel like I would hang out with her in real life.) The only people I don’t really like in the house are Julia and John. (I think Julia is really into herself and she definitely has a habit of leading people on. John can have a major temper and he doesn’t really seem like he’s there to give the process of the show a fair chance.)

I have plenty more opinions but I don’t want to ruin it or give you any ideas. Check out the show for yourself!

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