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Ghost Brothers, Straight Ghosting

I don’t know why it took me so long to get hip, but one of my new favorite shows is Ghost Brothers. From jump I need to let you guys know that I don’t like anything paranormal. I don’t watch scary movies or any of that. Somehow though, I’ve come to love this show!

A basic overview of this Destination America show is 3 best friends going to locations to find out if ghost really exists or dwell in these specific locations. The Ghost Brothers consist of Dalen, Marcus, and Juwan. Dalen serves as the leader of the group, coming to the guys with missions to go on and new ways to reach the spirits they’re investigating. Marcus is always there to give you a laugh and keep things realistic. Just when you’re about to get scared, Marcus comes in with comic relief to remove the tension. Juwan could charm any living or not so living person all while supporting his fellow ghost brothers during the investigation.

The reason I can watch this show without thinking too hard about the ghost factor is because these guys are too funny. Also, they do things we would all do if in a similar situation. When they successfully communicate with a spirit, they might jump or curse like we all would. They work through being scared my making light of the situation. And the most important thing they do is try to provide these spirits with rest and peace of mind. Not only do they have all of this going for them, but they’re breaking stereotypes and barriers by being, I assume, some of the only Black ghost hunters and the first to having their own show.

Through watching the show I’m still not sure if I believe in ghost or not. To be completely honest I’ve chosen not to think about it. All I know is that I love watching this show. These guys are not only relatable, but the keep me dying laughing. (You get it? Dying… like a ghost.)

Click here for an interview with Dalen, Marcus, and Juwan and check out this fun video:

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