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Intern Dressed to Impress

July 14, 2016

This summer I've been interning and it's been a great experience. I currently intern in a business casual environment which I really enjoy. One of the hardest things I faced when I preparing for my internship was what I was going to wear. So I thought I'd show you a few looks I've done or will do this summer. I've included both heels/wedges and flats with each look so depending on your personal style or how vigorous your internship is, you can pick and choose!



I like to keep my shoulders covered at work, but sometimes I don't feel like putting on layers. A long sleeve dress fixes that and it looks a little fancy!



Going along with not wanting to wear too many layers I've come to understand the beauty in a sheer button up. It keeps you cool and professional with a solid color tank top underneath.


A lot of people think going to work means you have to do away with fun colors and sundresses. If you add a nice cardigan or blazer, that's not necessarily the case!



We all know that at a certain point in the week you get a little tired and want to dress a little simple. For that reason I love color blocking with some simple pieces.



Along with color blocking with dress pants, you can color block with a nice skirt.



To end the week a lot of offices have casual Friday, which is always nice. At the same time, you don't want to be too casual. A pair of jeans dressed up is always a good move.



All these looks may not work for all offices, but I've gotten a few compliments where I work wearing outfits similar to these. I hope you guys continue to dress to impress and flourish at your internships this summer!


Here's a compilation of all the looks:




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