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The Thief of Joy

In the age of social media and everyone posting about their lives, it's easy to long for what someone else has.

This is something I've been coming across specifically when looking at the snapchats of my friends and celebrities. I find myself thinking "I wish I was on vacation" or "I would be so happy if I had all that money" and things of that nature.

For a split second I think those negative thoughts. Then I remember how blessed I am. People mostly use social media to show off something they're proud of or share what they're going through. Comparing your accomplishments and blessings to someone else's is not only a negative feeling, but also a waste of time. Wanting what someone else wants doesn't make you have it. Even if you got what they have, would you suddenly be happy? Probably not. If you choose to live life longing for what others have you'll never be happy.

I've chosen that whenever I feel a little envious to remember what someone else has is for them and what I have is for me. We all have different journeys and blessings. Don't hate, congratulate! Use someone else's success story as fuel for your own!

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