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Survivor's Remorse Season 3

Season 3 of Survivor’s Remorse just kicked off and the first episode was phenomenal! I’m a huge fan of the show (see previous post) and I couldn’t be more impressed with how the writers, crew, and actors have taken on this season already.

Every episode of Survivor’s Remorse has you dying laughing, but the beginning of season 3 took a different turn. After a death that breaks the heart of every family member, we see them trying to cope and move on. With the show being so comical, it was a risky decision to have such a serious event happen. However, the writers, directors, and actors took this challenge head on to give fans a different side of this family that we’ve never seen before.

The most genius thing about this episode was it wasn’t all tears. Occasionally there were a few laughs and jokes thrown in but none were ever outside of what you would expect from the characters. They skillfully approached a serious issue all while staying true to the underlying humor of these characters and the show.

I thought loving this season so far was because of my TV and Film major geek was coming out. The cinematography, the writing, the direction, and the acting were all on point. But when I pointed these things out to my family, they agreed! This show has something for everyone. Go check it out!

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