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All Summer '16

Summer has officially come to a close! I worked a lot over the summer so a lot of the stuff on my bucket list didn’t get done exactly as I planned. But that’s the best part of summer, you can just go with the flow.

1) Make a vision board

I didn’t end up making a vision board, but I did get a bunch of motivational posters to put in my room at school!

2) Go to a wine tasting

I still want to go to a wine tasting in the future, but I got to go out with my sister and her friends to some bars. We had wine so that kind of counts, right?

3) Go on a bike ride

This one I actually did! Me and my dad went for a nice bike ride and there were some nice views!

4) Finish final drafts for scripts of C.R.E.A.T.E. and What’s Love Got? Season 2

C.R.E.A.T.E is all done and we’re currently in pre-production with casting and all! Season 2 of What’s Love Got? is 70% done and developed!

5) Go on a trip

Me, my mom, and my sister took a girls weekend to Ocean City and it was really fun!

6) Do 2 DIYs

For my first DIY I made a T-shirt for the Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato! One of my favorite songs on Last Year Was Complicated is Bacon, so I had to make it into a T-shirt. For my second DIY I decorated my door at school because I recently became an RA! The theme for my hall is Find Yourself so I included a few things that make me who I am on my door.

7) Make 5 Cocktails

Officially when I make cocktails it will be called Libations with Lisa. I only got to make 3 cocktails, but at least I came up with a fun name! I made Strawberry Lemonade Pink Moscato, a Coconut Sunrise, and a Peach Strawberry Daiquiri.

8) Save $300-$400 for Find Relisa Productions

Through working 3 jobs over the summer I was able to save close to $400 for my production company!

9) Shoot 3 YouTube or Find Relisa Productions Videos

1 out of 3 ain’t bad!

10) Go to a Happy Hour

Me and some friends went out to eat and all got drinks because we’re finally all 21. It technically wasn’t happy hour, but we had a good time!

11) Cook 2 new recipes

To be completely honest I didn’t cook anything new this summer.

12) Work out twice a week

I was working out really consistently, but I had to stop when I got a few injuries. While I was working out, though, I would go to the gym and walk a few cute trails!

13) Go on a date

I was swiping left and swiping right this summer when I realized I wanted to date myself and get to know myself better before trying to find a Boo. I've decided to rely on myself to feel like a baddie rather than getting the opinions of others.

14) Write a draft of the theme for C.R.E.A.T.E

I found a really great rapper/producer to make the theme song so there was no need for me to write it!

(It’s obviously not Drake, but this is the kind of vibe I get when I hear the music)

15) Go thrifting

Me and my best friend randomly decided to go thrifting one day and I completely forgot it was on my bucket list, so that was a happy accident. I got a cool shirt which will be featured in a lookbook I'll be posting very soon!

16) Finish all 10 season of Friends

Now I will no longer be in the dark to any Friends reference!

17) Hold up a "Free Compliments" sign in a public place

I still want to do this! I’m thinking once it’s not so ridiculously hot outside I’ll go to the National Mall and try this out.

18) Post on blog at least twice a month

Did it! Also updated some pages. Look around the site!

19) Read a book

So I haven’t finished it completely, but I started reading the bible! Jordin Sparks kept talking about this thing called The Wayfinding Bible on her snapchat so I decided to give it a shot. I really love it! I like it a lot better than trying to read the bible with of guidance or lessons.

20) Watch 5 movies outside of what I normally watch

My sister put me on to some Marvel movies and I really like them! These were definitely outside of my comedy/romcom usual.

21) Grow a plant

I was growing a plant and it was flourishing beautifully until I forgot about it when I got busy and it died. Here’s a picture from when it was starting to grow, though!

Honorable mention to the fact that I had my first internship with Discovery Communications at TLC in the Production and Development departments. It was by far the most incredible and beneficial part of my summer.

I may not have fully accomplished everything on my bucket list, but I had a very productive and fun summer! Summer '16 will definitely be one to remember!

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