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The Birth of a Nation

I just saw The Birth of a Nation and it was incredible. From the beginning to the end this film pulls you in and keeps you invested. I personally was left speechless with tears rolling down my face until the end of the credits. This film is moving, raw, truthful, tragic, and beautiful.

As a Black film major this movie meant a lot to me for many reasons. The first being the title. The Birth of a Nation was the title of the first feature film which was centered around the KKK and showed them as heroes. It was complete with blackface in the form of mammies, brutes, and more. (Racial stereotypes made to show Black people in the way society wanted to see them.) Nate Parker giving this movie the title of The Birth of a Nation effectively reclaims this title as something far less demeaning to the Black community. Not only that, but the telling of Nat Turner’s story was truly inspiring and the birth of the rebellions that led to slaves fighting to be free.

Another reason I loved this film was because it captured the essence of slavery. It captured the love slaves had for each other and the community they built. It spoke to the role of the slave master and how different slave masters ran their plantations. Over all it served as a reminder that slavery was tragic and all too real. One of the first title cards of the movie reminds the audience that it’s based on a true story. That was very important because of the raw images shown. This movie not only served as a moving form of entertainment, but it also served as a history lessons filled with things we never learned in school.

To avoid this post from being too long I’ll make this my last reason for loving this film. This movie fits into so many different genres for so many people to enjoy. It’s about a historical figure that very few people know about so it’s something for people who like history. There’s stories of love both romantic and for families so it’s heartfelt for mushy people like me. And lastly there are a few action scenes to rope in anyone looking to see a good fight or battle sequence.

I could go on, but I’ve said all I can say without giving anything away or talking too much. Just PLEASE go see this movie! It’s for all people of all races who love movies of all genre. As I stated at the beginning of this post, this movie left me speechless. It was that moving and incredible! Go check it out. Here’s the trailer:

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