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Disney Goals!

Flashback Friday to all the fun I had in Disney with my family!!

1) Get Pictures with 10 Disney Characters

I exceeded this and I was more than proud of myself.

2) Watch a Parade

I saw a parade in Magic Kingdom with was incredible. It was crazy because I saw someone I did theatre with in high school so that was cool!

3) Eat Something Shaped like Mickey

Ice cream!

4) Have a Drink in Epcot

I had a Peach Bellini in Italy and it was delicious!

5) Find a Hidden Mickey

There were a few times I thought I saw one but I wasn't really sure. The only time I found one for sure was getting on the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin in Magic Kingdom.

6) Take a Picture in front of Cinderella's Castle

It was magical!

7) See Fireworks

While we were walking from country to country we caught some fireworks in Epcot! It was really pretty over the water.

8) Ride 3 Rides That Scare Me

From most scary to least scary: Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom), Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom), Test Track (Epcot). I literally thought I was gonna die on Expedition Everest.

9) Get a Souvenir

Me and my sister both got Monsters University hats. I'm a little in love with it. I also got myself a Piglet and my best friend a Pooh. We say I'm like Pooh and she's like Piglet so we each have the other's stuffed animals so we're never apart.

10) Vlog as Much as Possible

I got to Vlog all the parks! It's fun to look back at everything I enjoyed doing with my family.

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