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Last Month of 21

April 4, 2017

April is here! Y'all know what that means... Spring is on it's way and the semester is coming to a close. For me that also means my birthday is on it's way! My birthday isn't until May 1 so technically it's a month away but I'm still hype. I've decided to end my 21st year by trying to find better health, peace, and joy.



Mental Health

I'm doing yoga! On April 1 I went with a friend to a yoga studio and it was great. After words I felt relaxed but also super energized at the same time. After an hour or so that faded and the soreness set in, but I didn't even mind it! During the week when I can't make it to the yoga studio I'll be doing yoga with this YouTube series I found:




Physical Health

Obviously Yoga will be helping with my physical health but I still want to do more. Me and my friend went Vegan for a week during Fall semester and it was a great experience! I know that's not a lifestyle I'm ready to fully commit to, but I do want to eat healthier. I've decided to be full Pollotarian and have at least one Vegan or Vegetarian meal a day. I'm also going to be drinking a gallon of water a day. I found a way to make it fun:




Skin & Hair Health

I noticed I don't feel pretty without wearing makeup and I don't like that. I figure if I take better care of my skin and work to get rid of some of my imperfections I'd want to show off my skin more. My friend gave me a skin care routine I'm going to try. My hair health decision came from an experience. I went to get my hair done recently and my hairstylist told me I had some damage and as a result we had to trim my hair. So this month I'm gonna try to put heat on my hair as little as possible. I'm not sure what my hair texture is but I found two methods for Wash and Go's I wanna blend together to start my journey:




God Peace

I personally find so much peace in my relationship with God. I want to stay in my faith and peace more so I'm going to read the bible every day. I'm still reading my Way Finding Bible that I got this summer. It has great points and teachings about the readings I do:





I'm gonna do what makes me happy! Outside of obligations for school and other responsibilities, I don't want to do anything that brings stress or negativity to my life. I'm choosing to have joy!








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