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Prelude: I wrote this as a note to my past self for my Creative Writing class. I figured I'd post it for girls who might need to hear it. (Written in the style of Girl by Jamaica Kincaid)

Wearing pajamas to school? Stop that. You see your friends do it but you know your mom disapproves. It’s not because she doesn’t “get it”. It’s because you shouldn’t wear pajamas in public and you know it. Wear what suits you. Wear what fits you. Physically you’re not like your friend. But dressing as close to her as possible seems to be the goal. That should never be your style. Wear your mood. What you’re “supposed” to wear shouldn’t mean anything to you. So wear that obnoxiously loud bow. Show off your curves. Wear those huge hoops. Let gaudy be your middle name. But let it be because you say so.

Don’t laugh at that joke. That voice in the back of your head that says it’s not funny is right. It’s offensive. Listen to the small pain in your chest. Your feelings are hurt. Their words mock your people. If they say these jokes to your face, can you imagine what they say behind your back?

Get over him. Easier said than done, but he’s not worth it. Realize he’s not actually that cute. He’s tall and funny and… what else? You can do better. You may not see it now, but the right guy is worth waiting for. Don’t rush to find the love that you so desperately want. Forcing it won’t make it appear nor will it make it real.

Know your worth. Love yourself. You are a queen- your skin blessed with melanin, your smile a light that illuminates the darkest situations, and your heart made of the purest intentions. You are magic. Never settle.

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