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Dear White People (The Series)

The highly anticipated and contested show Dear White People dropped yesterday on Netflix. I binge watched the entire thing and loved it all.

This show serves as a continuation to the movie Dear White People. (If you haven't seen the movie, don't worry. The show stands alone without needing any prior knowledge.) The first couple of episodes follow specific characters and eventually all their storylines come together. This was really well done by the writers. It gave humanity to the characters. Because of this, the character I initially didn't like, Coco, ended up being one of my favorites because I could identify with parts of her backstory and I saw why she is the way she is. At the same time it made me love one of the characters I liked from jump, Reggie, even more because of his determination and passion. I ended up not really loving the main heroine, Sam, as much as I loved the characters around her.

The strong characters and format make this show great. The best thing about it, though, is that it shows the Black millennial story from so many different angles. There are Black people from different countries, different skin tones, different sexual preferences, and different ideologies. Honestly what I love the most about this is it doesn't stick to one single type of Black person. It also shows that at the end of the day Black millennials all struggle on the same plain and can come together even though we're all so different.

If you want to challenge your views or see some different perspectives, no matter what race you are, I suggest you watch this show. You'll laugh, cry, gasps, and enjoy every aspect while also thinking about what you value. Season 1 is made of 10 30-minute episodes all streaming now on Netflix. Go check it out!!

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