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Millennials and Changes

Changes can be scary. Not all changes are bad, but even the good ones can be weirdly uncomfortable. As a millennial, changes are everywhere. From the time you graduate high school to the time you really get settled into your career things are constantly happening.

In your four years of college you decide what you want to do and who you want to be. You may not be consciously making these decisions but once you hit your senior it’s clear all these changes have happened. Then you start to think back on who you used to be. Some things you miss but others are for the best. Regardless you’re thankful the changes that lead you to who you are. Now that those things have changed, you have to move forward and on to being a real adult.

Entering real adulthood is probably the scariest concept. There are little things you don’t know how to do because you’ve never really had to do them. What even is a 401K? How do you really do your taxes? And if you move to a different city that’s even more scary. Where is anything? How do you make friends? And when you’re entering your career field you have so much to learn. You have a base level understanding, but nothing could fully prepare you for actually being a full time employee. Then once you get settled you have to balance work and a social life.

Social life gets hard because now you have to be up by 8 AM every morning so going to the club or the bar every night isn’t a thing. So how do you meet people? How do you meet a potential person to marry? Do you even want to get married? Do you want kids? All these thoughts get to be too much so you just say forget it and move on living life going with the flow. Then you meet someone who stops the flow. Suddenly you could see yourself spending your life with this person. Now what?

So from graduating high school to getting settled into your life post-college you experience so much. Questions come up in your head that you may not get the answer to for years. But sometimes you find that the road to finding those answers can be fun. Think of all the things you wouldn’t have experienced if you just stayed the same way you were in high school. Change is scary but it’s also necessary. We wouldn’t reach our full potential without it.

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