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Summer 2017!

Summer 2017 was honestly the best summer of my life so far! Of course doing some things on my Summer Bucket List helped make that possible. Here's a recap!

Have a beach day I ended up going to different beaches on 3 different weekends! I went to the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, and Malibu.

Go to a Farmer’s Market I didn’t go to a Farmer’s Market but I went to a flea market type thing called Melrose Trading Post and that was fun! I had an empanada for the first time.

Visit a museum I went to a few museums! First I went to Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) which is a few art museums clustered in one area. I went there with my mom while she was in town so that made it even more special. I also went to The Getty with my friend Tyshana. Since that one was free we more so hung out and looked at views as opposed to art work. Every museum was beautiful!

Go to a concert I didn’t really have go to a concert money, but luckily I got to be a seatfiller for the BET Awards! The awards and speeches were great but it was basically a concert. My favorite performance of the night was, of course, New Edition! Me and my friend Tyshana even got a picture with Luke James!

Go to a park I went to the Griffith Observatory which is basically part of Griffith Park. Here are some views!

Listen to a new artist I started listening to Superfruit and SZA. They’re both amazing. I love Superfruit’s YouTube videos so I was excited for their music. They did not disappoint! Every song is super fun. Then there’s SZA. There’s no denying her album KILLED it this summer. Her songs are relatable and give you a laid back, chill vibe.

Try 3 new restaurants My first meal in LA was at Lemonade. It was so good! The Strawberry Lemonade was so on point that I drank some form of Strawberry Lemonade basically all summer. In-N-Out in a staple of LA so I had to try that for sure. It was decent! I don’t really see the hype, though, honestly. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles was probably my favorite tourist restaurant I went to. It reminded me of my mom’s cooking and the waffles were incredible.

Go on a hike Cali was too hot for all of that to be honest. Also I spent a lot of time walking because of public transportation so I didn’t really feel like hiking when it came down to it. Here’s a picture of another nice view, though!

Write a script I finished writing a 1 hour pilot and a 30-minute drama, wrote another 30 minute pilot, a web series, and a treatment for a script. I’m also working on Grad School applications so there are a few scripts I’ve to written for that. I’m proud so I gifted myself this hat!

Make vlog/blog posts I wish I would have posted more, but I did post some!

Watch the sunset We spent the day at Six Flags (vlog above) and as we walked we saw the sunsetting by a roller coaster. It was really pretty!

Ride a Ferris Wheel I didn’t get on a Ferris Wheel but I did get on a few rides at Six Flags! (vlog above)

Go on roof top I went to a brunch/panel on a roof top and it was super cute!

Go swimming The apartment I was staying in had a pool! This was probably one of my most carefree moments of the summer.

Learn a new skill I learned a lot of new skills at my internships! One of my favorite tasks was doing script coverage. Sometimes while I was reading scripts I would eat M&Ms. Here’s an example of that not ending well.

Visit the zoo I didn’t get to go to the zoo because it was expensive. Here’s a funny thing I saw on the sidewalk on the way to work though.

Have fun & be productive With everything above and having two internships, I would say it was truly a fun and productive summer. I made new friends and did some great things!

I hope you all had great summers and are ready to take on what the rest of the year has in store! Here's a complete list of what I did (and did not) accomplish!

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