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#REALITYHIGH came out on Netflix this weekend and I finally got a chance to watch it. There are a couple of reasons I was hype to see it. 1) Two of the writers, Hudson Obayuwana and Brandon Broussard, and one of the executive producers, Elizabeth Polk, are Howard alum. I love seeing people who attended my University succeed so I was all the way on board to support. 2) Keith Powers stars in it and y'all know I'm a big fan of his. Though the movie already had a yes from me based on those two facts, I was still determined to watch it with an objective eye. With that being said, this movie is hilarious and super sweet.

As a Film & TV major and aspiring writer I can't watch anything without analyzing the script. What makes this movie so great is how relatable it is. There are all of these hilarious awkward moments that we all go through in life and especially in high school. There's one point where two characters end up walking in the same direction after saying bye to each other and ending their conversation. Y'all know how awkward it is when that happens in real life so that had me dying laughing. Besides the funny moments, it touches on a new generation of bullies and social structure of high school. It really shows that the way you treat people comes back on you at the end of the day. I think there are a lot of teenagers, young adults, and even grown people who need a reminder of that and this movie definitely demonstrates it!

The story is portrayed so well by the cast! The main character, Dani, is played by Nesta Cooper and she’s really great. It never felt like she was acting, she was just being authentic. The same goes for the rest of the cast including Keith Powers. His character, Cameron, is charming and thoughtful. Keith is the perfect choice for the "heartthrob jock with more to him" archetype. On top of being great actors, this cast was super diverse!! People of all races, genders, and sexualities are portrayed honestly.

Overall this movie is a great Young Romantic Comedy. Besides all of the things I just mentioned there are so many other elements that make it great. Check it out for yourself right now on Netflix!

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