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Learning to Contour

I decided I wanted to try contouring even though I’m not actually that good at makeup. To see what's the best technique I went where all millennials go to learn how to do things: YouTube!

The first YouTuber I went to was Sanya Oluwafemi. Y'all, she can BEAT a face for real! She serves all types of looks on Instagram. We actually went to elementary and middle school together so I was able to hit her up directly with my questions. She advised me to get the contour kit from Ulta.

So once I got my kit I just did a search for “How To Contour” to see how other people do it and what brushes they use. I came across Ashley Claire and I really like her! I loved how simple and easy her process was and it came out really nice.

After watching a few more videos I looked for people specifically using the kit I purchased. Out of all the ones I watched I really felt like C Key best explained how to use it and why she liked it.

So I gave contouring a shot and I only used two colors because I was nervous about where to put the others. I liked the way it came out! I think I’ll definitely keep playing with it.

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