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DIY Hair Extensions

Recently I've been a little bored with my hair and I was looking into making some changes. I knew I definitely didn't want to cut it and I really like the color in my hair the way it is so I landed on possibly getting some hair extensions. When I asked my hair stylist about getting a weave she was fully against it. She said it would break my hair off. She knows my hair better than anyone so I trusted her opinion.

With all that in my mind I searched the internet for ways to get extensions without having to braid, sew, or glue anything on. I found people doing clip ins and there was my answer. I looked into buying some and it was becoming an expensive concept. On top of that I wasn't sure if the extensions would match my hair color. I felt like the dream was over until I stumbled girls making their own clip ins.

This was the first video I watched and she broke down all the basics and the materials I needed.

Then, because I'm a visual learner, I went looking for a video that would show up close how to sew and measure all the pieces. (She doubled the wefts, but I did mine with one and I was fine.)

To be super sure I was doing the same amount and sized pieces as a purchased set of clip ins I watched videos.

With my sister's help, 3 videos, and a few hours of doing and redoing my sewing this was my final product! I'm proud of how they came out and I definitely think I could see myself continuing to do this. It'll be fun to switch up my look every now and then.

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