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Lisa's Lyric: Bills, Bills, Bills

In elementary school most people have cute little crushes and relationships. I was no different. My first crush was in the second grade on a short white boy named Ryan. At the age of seven he had some serious dental work. All I can remember is he had silver shining in his mouth before anyone else. To me that made him seem mature. That wasn’t the only reason I liked him. I loved that he was quiet, nice, and not bad looking in the face. That seemed like perfect boyfriend material to me.

I found out that, unfortunately, he was also perfect for another girl in our class- Alexa. Alexa and I were nothing alike. She was short, white, and skinny. I was tall, Black, and chubby. If Ryan had a type I was definitely not it. All of that aside, my young heart wanted what it wanted.

After a few weeks of dating, Alexa and Ryan broke up. I didn’t know the reason but I didn’t care. It was my time to get my man. After a few days of hinting that I liked him, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was on cloud 9. The boy I liked actually liked me back. In my mind I was on track to get married in a few years. Our first date, however, left me feeling otherwise. He took me to the reading corner during free time. When we got to the corner he took the only bean bag chair.

“You’re supposed to let me have the bean bag,” I confronted him.

“You can just sit there,” he said as he pointed to the spot on the ground.

“Okay,” I obliged as I sat on the floor.

His lack of chivalry bothered me all day into the next morning. Why wouldn’t he just let me have the chair? Why couldn’t we have shared the bean bag? I couldn’t take my thoughts anymore. I came into school and broke things off with him. The worst part was he wasn’t even phased by our break up. I found out a few days later that he was back with Alexa.

Lesson Learned: KNOW YOUR WORTH! If he won’t let you have the bean bag chair, he ain’t the one. He doesn’t care about you. When you break things off he won’t even be phased and he’ll go back to his ex. In all seriousness, though… If someone’s not willing to sacrifice or at least compromise for you, they’re not the one. You deserve better.

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