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Lisa's Lyric: No Scrubs

Middle school is the time when everyone is the worse person they’re going to be. It’s also the time when our hormones and emotions are out of control. Therefore, relationships and crushes get crazy. From the time I first saw Daniel in sixth grade, to the last time I saw him I had the biggest crush on him. He was average height, decent looking, and really funny. He was also one of the few Black boys in my grade, which may have had a lot to do with my crush.

The problem with Daniel was he liked all of my friends. Literally all of my friends dated him but me. Then again all of my friends looked alike. They were short, white, and had straight brunette hair. I was (still) tall, Black, and had 4c curly hair.

There was one time I was close to ending up with him. It was at my first boy/girl party. I had to do endless convincing and pleading to get my mom to let me go. Honestly, party may have been a strong term. There were four girls and three boys hanging out in Daniel’s basement. We watched a movie and then we didn’t know what to do next.

“We should play spin the bottle,” one of my fast tailed girl friends suggested. I did my best not to look shocked. I was probably the only one who hadn’t had my first kiss and I certainly didn’t plan on losing it in spin the bottle. I was panicking internally as we all got in a circle and put a house phone in the center as the bottle. I volunteered to go first because I just wanted to get it over with. I spun and it landed on Daniel. This game didn’t seem so bad after all. Just when we were about to stand up to kiss, Daniel’s dad called down saying my mom had come to pick me up. I pretended not to be disappointed and left.

For the rest of middle school I was hung up on him. Had we gone to the same high school I think I would have stayed hung up on him. I looked at his Facebook recently to see he just got out of jail and he’s dating the exact same girls he was dating when I knew him. I’ve even heard him say he misses middle school. I feel like my future man is probably better than someone who peaked at the age of 13.

Lesson Learned: YOU DODGED A BULLET, SIS! If he’s hanging out with you and dates everyone but you, he doesn’t see how amazing you are. He ain’t gonna amount to anything. In all seriousness, though... Having a long time crush on someone does not make them the one or the two. Years later you’ll look back and thank God things didn’t work out the way you wanted them to.

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