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Lisa's Lyric: Return of the Mack

From the time I was four to the time I was eighteen, I went to Musical Theatre camp every summer. Theatre camp was a lot like school in many ways. As we got older, the things we were dramatic about got more serious. This of course included who was hooking up with who and who had a “thing” for who. My sophomore year of high school I met the cutest crush I ever had, Alex. He was tall, well built, and he could SING for real. His voice had potential to make him a young Black heartthrob R&B star, but he was more into Metallica. I knew nothing about hard rock bands, but I overlooked it because he was so fine.

The thing about Alex was he got around. Not in a serious monogamous way. Like I could count on two hands the amount of girls he’d kissed from our summer camp. I could count on zero hands the amount of boys I’d ever kissed in my life. He’d hook up with girls of all races, height, and body type. The only thing they all had in common was they didn’t mind casual hookups. I did mind, so that left me off his list. However, he’d still flirt with me. He kind of flirted with everyone. I knew I wasn’t special but that didn’t stop me from flirting back. Part of me thought that if he were to be in a real relationship with me, he’d see how great it was.

The turning point in this crush came the summer after my junior year in high school. We were all sitting around talking between dance numbers and we somehow landed on talking about old camp crushes we had. I decided to claim I used to have a crush on Alex knowing good and well there was nothing past tense about my feelings.

“You know what’s crazy? I used to like Alex,” I said casually.

“Oh really? I liked Sydney,” Alex looked past me and to my friend Sydney. I can tell you from the look on Sydney’s face she definitely didn’t feel the same way.

Seeing as though Alex completely brushed off my comment I figured it was time to move on. I wish I could say my pride wasn’t hurt at all, but it definitely was. After that conversation I moved Alex to the acquaintance category. It was then I was able to see past his pretty face and straight to how immature he was.

Lesson Learned: PLAYERS ARE NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH! He may be cute, but that’s probably all he is. If he’s out here kissing everyone he doesn’t need to be kissing you. In all seriousness, though… It’s not healthy to want someone you know doesn’t want the same things as you. If you want a relationship, invest time in someone with the maturity for a relationship. Anything else is an annoying waste of your time.

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