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The Danger in No Days Off

We’ve all heard the mentality of no days off. I was always down with it until I came to realize how dangerous it is to take this too literally.

When you spend 24/7 grinding, your dream could turn into a nightmare that haunts you. It can become exhausting. It’s even more exhausting if you’re staring from the bottom trying to get to the top, like a lot of us are. Starting from the beginning means there’s lot of hard work and struggle ahead. Facing this with no sense of peace or positive energy is dangerous.

This is not to say we shouldn’t step toward your goals each day. This is to say that taking an hour or two out of our day for ourselves wouldn’t be too bad. Do yoga. Watch something on Netflix. Watch some funny YouTube videos. Go workout.

We should ask ourselves: what good is it to reach our goals if we lose our sanity or joy in the process? Working 24/7 can lead us to lose sight of what’s really important. So while we’re out here working, let’s remember to take care of ourselves!

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