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Spiritual Two-A-Days

When 2018 started I shared my goals with you all. One of them was to build my relationship with God. I’ve been super focused on that throughout the month of March. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my Spiritual Two-A-Days movement on my story.

When some people want to get in shape physically they work out twice a day. That’s called a Two-A-Day. I wanted to focus on truly getting spiritually fit so I decided to apply that concept to my walk with God. This meant I would spend time with Him at least twice a day.

At first this consisted of listening to Gospel music and reading one of the spiritual self help books from my reading list for this year. Then it evolved into me wanting to hear from some different voices regarding God’s word. Eventually that evolved into me wanting to read the bible for myself.

As far as gospel music goes it really just depended on my vibe in the morning. Sometimes I wanted a new bop to jam to, and sometimes I wanted a laid back old school hit. Here’s the playlist me and my sister have been listening to for our dose of Jesus:

The book I was reading primarily was Wholeness by Touré Roberts. This book has been helping me get past some hurt I didn’t even realize I hadn’t let go of. Not only that, but it’s motivated me to really look to becoming a better person. I’ve realized I can’t fully accomplish my purpose for being alive without first being whole. I’m not even all the way through the book yet and I feel myself getting better every chapter. Touré is the pastor of my church so I’ve been familiar with him and his voice, but this book was a bigger blessing than I anticipated.

Some of the speakers who I really enjoyed looking at online this month were Sarah Jakes Roberts and Mike Todd. I’d been a fan of Sarah for a while and she’s co-pastor of the church I attend. Her anointing is incredible to experience. Her sermon entitled “The Price of Admission” really spoke to me. When she preached it I attended two services and it still got me when I watched the video below. Super powerful.

My roommate actually shared Mike Todd with me via a short Instagram video. That encouraged me to check out a series he has called “Relationship Goals” (video below). It was an 8 video long series and worth every moment. I definitely feel I have better expectations for myself and my future because of it.

Actually reading the bible for myself was extremely beneficial. I either read a chapter that features a verse I’ve always heard, or I ask God what I should read. It’s definitely given me clarity in some ideals I’ve been told and things I’m going through.

In addition to everything listed above, I’ve made a lot of friends through church! It’s great meeting new people who have the same belief system. It gives me a chance to talk about things I’m going through with someone who can give me advice from a spiritual place.

With all that being said, this #SpiritualTwoADays hashtag has been a huge blessing. I definitely plan to continues to grow closer to God using the tools I gained this month.

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