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4 Meat Substitutes Worth Trying

For April 2018 my goal is to #DoBetterBeBetter. Part of that means eating better. To help me with that I decided to try some meat substitutes. Basically I’m low key vegetarian/vegan, but like super low key. I try to eat two meat free meals a day. That goal requires me switching it up and trying new things!

Beyond Burgers Y’all, these things changed my life. They were first introduced to me by some new friends. I had one and I couldn’t believe it was vegan. I literally went to Whole Foods the next day and bought some for myself. There was one week when I had them for dinner two days in a row. They’re truly delicious and I highly recommend them.

Tempeh Bacon I’m not about you lie to you. These were just okay. They’re definitely not a stand alone substitute. I put mine on a Beyond Burger and it was fire. It added great texture and the bacon flavor was there. On an honest level it’s not fooling anyone, though. You know it’s not bacon. I’ve heard of other bacon substitutes to try so I think I’ll give those a shot. If you follow me on Instagram I’ll provide updates on my Insta Story with other things I try. Until then, these are decent if you’re putting them with something else.

Buffalo Cauliflower I wanted to try these as an alternative to chicken wings or nuggets. I made them to take to work for lunch and it was a solid choice. I will say that these are best the day you make them and up to two days later. Any longer than that and they get a little mushy and you’ll miss the texture. I definitely will try to remix these with different sauces to keep it interesting.

Jackfruit I randomly stumbled upon jackfruit while I was doing some internet searches. I mainly plan to use this as a substitute for pulled pork. I used to love pulled pork sandwiches, but I’ve been trying to pull back on pork for a while. I’m excited to give this a shot. Warning: don’t buy a whole jackfruit unless you’re up for a challenge. Whole jackfruit are scary looking. They do come in cans. I personally got mine from Trader Joe’s. Once again, if you follow me on Instagram I’ll post my thoughts once I get a chance to try it!

I hope this is a helpful starting point for anyone trying to eat better. I know personally there are probably more changes to be made, but this is a great step forward! It’ll only get better from here.

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