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Baddie Alert Playlist

You ever need a little something extra to help you feel like the baddie that you truly are? I find myself in that position here and there so I made a playlist of songs by baddies for baddies called Baddie Alert.

The following definition and translations are courtesy of the Find Relisa Dictionary.

Baddie /ˈbadē/

Noun A confident, unstoppable boss; Always has it together, always looks poppin, constantly slaying

Though this term is usually used for females, I feel like we all have a baddie inside of us. So this playlist has predominantly women artists, but there are a few guys sprinkled in. Here are my top five in no particular order. (Disclaimer: Some songs are explicit)

Nice For What by Drake The second this song and video dropped I was LIVING. The Lauryn Hill sample was everything. Then he had all these incredible women in the video. On top of that, I love me some Drake and I especially love when he makes a song for the ladies. I’ve probably listened to this minimum three times a day since it came out. Favorite Lyrics: That's a real one in your reflection, Without a follow, without a mention Translation: You’re a baddie regardless of how many flowers or DMs you have.

Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato From my Summer Playlist to my Senioritis Playlist, this song is always there! This song and Demi’s vibe are just so confident and it really speaks to me. You can’t tell me ANYTHING when I hear this song. (The live version is low key my favorite) Favorite Lyrics: Baby, fineness is the way to kill, Tell me how it feel, bet it's such a bitter pill, And yeah, I know you thought you had bigger, better things, Bet right now this stings Translation: I’m looking great and living better, stay mad, watch me continue to be a baddie

Flawless Remix by Beyoncé feat. Nicki Minaj First of all Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. Need I go on? Two 100% baddies talking about being as flawless as they want to be. Next level self confidence. This song just gives me so much life. Bey is being even more reckless than the original Flawless and Nicki goes OFF. (Hitting y’all with the live performance again because these women are slaying) Favorite Lyrics: I know they hope I fall, But tell ‘em winning, is my ****** protocol,‘Cause I score, before I ever throw the ball Translation: People might want to see me fail, but I’m such a baddie that I’m winning before I even try

Best Life by Cardi B ft Chance the Rapper Cardi just radiates baddie security. Basically every song she makes has me feeling like I’m that chick. Her new album is straight fire. This song particularly got me because her and Chance are really just letting the world know how great things are and how far they’ve come. I feel like we all can reach that best life status! Favorite Lyrics: Turned all my L's into lessons… I’m living my best life Translation: I may have slipped up here and there, but I learned from it and now I’m living at my true baddie potential

Too Much by Kehlani Kehlani is another artist who’s super confident in who she is right now. A lot of her songs leave me feeling like there’s truly no one on the planet better than me. Sometimes, you need that boost and she’s perfect for that. Favorite Lyrics: You know I'm more than just a girl, That you can meet walking down the street.. Too much, three much, Four much, five much, too much for you Translation: I’m special and you know it, but if you’re not ready for a baddie like me I’m way too much for you

During my month of #DoBetterBeBetter I’ve been listening to this playlist at least once a day. It’s for sure been keeping me confident. If you have songs that make you feel like a certified baddie, feel free to contact me through the site or message me on Instagram! Check out the rest of the playlist below:

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