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Laptop Stickers Decoded

I recently bought a bunch of stickers off of Redbubble and decorated my laptop. I went through a very rigorous process of choosing stickers. I wanted to make sure a lot of the things I enjoy could be featured without being obvious. Because a lot of people may not get what every sticker means or the significance, I wanted to decode them

My sister actually got this one for me. I’m not the biggest fan of the state of Maryland, but there’s no denying that’s where I grew up and it’s part of who I am. Also most of my family still lives there, so it definitely holds a piece of my heart.

I currently live in California and I love it. I’ve grown a lot since moving out here. It’s also been a dream of mine to move here for a while so it truly means a lot to me. This sticker is kind of my way of being proud of myself for making it this far.

HU!! YOU KNOW! I will probably rep Howard no matter what until the day I die. I love my HBCU and it made me who I am. This is by far the most blatant sticker I have for a reason. I never want anyone to get it confused. I’m a proud HU Alum.

Poetic Justice is my favorite 90s movie (which is saying a lot because I love things from the 90s). I didn’t even have to read the title of this sticker to point out the characters. That’s how much I love it.

One of my favorite songs is Crooked Smile by J. Cole. I know every word and it’s full of positive, motivating lyrics. It’s one of the few songs by a man on my Baddie Alert Playlist. This is the crown that was on the cover of the album Crooked Smile is featured on. Aside from a shout out to the song and one of my favorite rappers, it’s also just a cool looking crown.

I would be remiss if I didn’t feature Queen Beyoncé somewhere on my laptop. I wanted a quote from Sorry and this was by far the most creative sticker I found. It incorporates my favorite color, pink, and my love for iPhones.

I love Chance the Rapper. His last album was fire and there are plenty of quotable lyrics from it. This sticker not only shows I’m a fan of Chance, but it also helps me to remember how blessed I am and to stay thankful.

To say I love pugs is an understatement. I could look at pictures of pugs for hours. Especially pugs in costumes. I even have the names of my future pugs picked out. I had to put one on my laptop somewhere and it’s in my favorite color.

I love me some Demi Lovato. I wanted a covert and cute way to show how much of a fan I am. If you’re not a big fan like I am it just looks like a heart. If you’re borderline obsessed, you know this is both a tattoo she has and part of her signature.

So this sticker actually says God is greater than the highs and lows. Full transparency, Nick Jonas has this tatted on his arm. I’ve loved Nick Jonas since I was literally 12 years old. Aside from that it’s definitely a statement I believe in. This is a great way to low key show my Nick Jonas obsession, but also display a great message.

I’m gonna be all the way honest. I got these stickers for free at an event. I had some empty space after I added the other ones so I figured why not add them. They’re positive, cute, and fun, so why not?

My absolute favorite sticker! This is the Find Relisa slogan! This means a whole lot to me. It’s what I hope my brand represents. Find a way to release yourself from a toxic mindset. Once you’ve done that, relax with something that makes you forget your problems for a little. Then repeat this as many times or as frequently as needed to help you keep going towards your goals! To get your own check out the Shop tab!

Decorating things with stickers is something I didn’t really get until recently. I’m glad I gave it a show but now I feel like my laptop is really mine and it give a peak into who I am!

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