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Conquering Workout Fears

I recently started working out and my first day back in the gym was filled with fear masqueraded as anxiety. I know there are people with secret fears behind getting in the gym, so I thought I’d share a few of mine and how I’m conquering them.

Everyone is Watching Fear: People are judging you. You don’t look like you belong in the gym. They’re probably talking about you. Reality: People are most likely so focused on their own workouts, that they’re not looking at you. And even if they are, you’re not in the gym for them. You’re in the gym for you. Who cares what they think?

Sweating Too Much Fear: You look crazy when you sweat. You’re starting to smell. No one else is sweating as much as you are. Reality: People literally come to the gym to sweat. No one really getting a full workout is going to smell like roses after. If you’re sweating the most, you’re probably getting the most out of your workout.

Getting Hurt Fear: You might pull something. You don’t want to be sore. Reality: Stretching before and after exercising can fix both of these concerns. You also need to listen to your body and not over exert yourself. There’s no point in getting it right and tight if you’re in pain during the process.

Not Knowing Where to Start Fear: You have no idea what these machines even do. You’re not sure what kind of exercising you like. Reality: An app, some YouTube tutorials, or a good session on Pinterest can help with this. Find a fun app with exercises. Give yoga or zumba a shot. Look up some in home workouts. Research and an open mind are key here.

Not Losing Weight Fear: You need to lose ten pounds by summer so you can get your insta pics poppin. Reality: Working out should be more about your health than your vanity. Just doing it to lose weight could possibly lead to a toxic mindset. Being at a healthy weight is an added bonus to exercise.

I’m still actively fighting some of these fears and insecurities every time I start working out. The more I think about the reality and not just some fear I created, the better I feel. Once again, your workout is about you feeling good and healthy. Not about your fears, insecurities, or anyone else!

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