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It Was a Rough Month

July did a number on me, but not in a way that you would think. I did a social media cleanse, put out a new social series, and everything at my job has been going great. On the surface nothing was wrong. Yet somehow I still felt stuck in a rut. My mind was cloudy and I was super tired, but most of all my emotions were out of control.

Why I Felt Stuck I decided the best way to deal with feeling stuck was to take a break. That was the exact opposite of what I should have done. I realized I was really feeling stuck because I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing. I wasn’t focused. Once I regained my focus and re-centered myself I felt much better and ten times more productive. I made a little video on my Instagram that sums it up.

Why My Emotions Were Crazy You ever notice that when life is going well, one little thing will happen that will try to ruin your mood? That’s the devil. As evident from this blog and my Instagram, I have been thriving and growing this year thanks to God. It’s been great. However, the devil didn’t like that. The number one place I get attacked by the devil is in my head. Before anyone gets carried away, the devil being in your head doesn’t mean you’re possessed. The devil can come in the form of over thinking, taking things personally, and self doubt. I fell for all of those things in July but recently I saw two sermons that are getting me back in my right mind. One was by Chad Johnson at Ascend Bible Movement (video below). The other was by Touré Roberts at One LA (video below).

I wanted to share all of this because I feel like often we go through life struggling without sharing. We’d rather show our highs and not our lows. For this specific struggle I had to come out of it before I could articulate and communicate it. If you’re going through something similar I encourage you to reach out to me or anyone who might understand where you are. If you’re on the other side of it like I am, I hope you share your growth with your community. We’re all here to help each other!

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