What's Love Got?

Web Series

Set in the '90s, What's Love Got? tackles navigating love in college. Together best friends Lesley, Tia, and Carmen might just answer- What's Love Got?

Season 1

This season shows us how the way we grow up effects the way we feel about love. 

What's Love Got? - S1.E1 - "Pilot"

While going about their lives as college students, Lesley, Tia, and Carmen check in with their sisters to see how life back home is going. They come together for a movie night and discuss their weekend plans.

What's Love Got? - S1.E2 - "Lesley"

Lesley reflects on how she feels about the concept of love both physically and emotionally.

What's Love Got? - S1.E3 - "Tia"

Tia reflects on how she feels about love and getting hurt.

What's Love Got? - S1.E4 - "Carmen"

Carmen contemplates how she feels about her long term relationship.

What's Love Got? - S1.E5 - "Poetic Justice"

Lesley, Tia, and Carmen hear some spoken word that speaks to them.

What's Love Got? - S1.E6 - "Realizations & Goals"

Lesley, Tia, and Carmen get a deeper understanding on why they feel the way they do about love and set goals to better themselves.

What's Love Got? - S1.E7 - "Moving Forward"

Lesley, Tia, and Carmen set out to accomplish the goals they established to better themselves.

What's Love Got? - S1.E8 - "Valentines Day"

Tia, Lesley, and Carmen celebrate Valentines Day and reflect of the future of their relationships.

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Season 2

This season we explore the ups and downs of relationships and self love.

What's Love Got? - S2.E1 - "We're Back"

Carmen, Lesley, and Tia are back and ready to conquer the last semester of their senior year!

What's Love Got? - S2.E2 - "Getting Tested"

Lesley meets up with former lover Aaron and receives some shocking news. Meanwhile Tia and Carmen leave their boyfriends feeling a little tested.

What's Love Got? - S2.E3 - "Sacrifice"

Lesley seeks for the support of her friends through a difficult time. Meanwhile the trust between Carmen and Kyle is questioned as Trevor learns of a new sacrifice he’ll have to make in his and Tia’s relationship

What's Love Got? - S2.E4 - "Boys Suck"

Lesley recieves exciting news to kick off “The Year of Lesley”. Tia and Carmen are left questioning the state of their relationships.

What's Love Got? - S2.E5 - "Is It Over?"

After thinking things over, Tia and Carmen meet up with their boyfriends to discuss the future of their relationships. Meanwhile Lesley takes the day to get to know herself.

What's Love Got? - S2.E6 - "Looking Ahead"

As graduation approaches we take a look at who Lesley, Tia, Carmen, Trevor, and Kyle are now and where they’ll be in 5 years.

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